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  • Current Projects

    Acey Deucey (Javascript) – Work in Progress

    A little card game where you view two cards and guess whether the third card will be in between the first two.

    Web Design

    These sites were built on the Thesis Theme for WordPress, with custom graphics and CSS.

    Goshman Consulting

    Goshman Consulting Home

    Taragon Video



    The Teleclass on Talking to Fear

    A long time ago, when I was an aspiring life-coach and online entrepreneur, I did this hour-long teleclass on how to handle fear.

    Most of the things I wrote or created in this time period I find to be a shade embarrassing now, but this one has a lot of tactics and ideas that I still use on a regular basis, and it’s still free to download on this site.

    Think of it as an easter egg for reading this far down the page. Check it out here.