• Working with Sarah is like having a whole team in one: she’s a creative partner when I need help shaping my strategy and forming my ideas, a business and marketing consultant when I’m wondering how to best get my product to the world, a project manager when it comes to organizing all the moving parts, a tech whiz when I need help building my web space, a counselor as I navigate the ups and downs of being a first-time entrepreneur, and everything in between. Before working with her, I felt alone, overwhelmed, and frantic. I knew I needed help but I had no clue what that help looked like. Turns out it looked like Sarah. Sarah is amazeballs, and I won’t do another project without her. You shouldn’t either.

    Therese Schwenkler
    Therese Schwenkler Unlost
  • A natural connector, Sarah quickly mapped out what I needed next to find and grow my blog’s audience. I was nestled in the cozy comfort of my own writing with a very slow ramp to my readership. Sarah listened to my needs, studied my site, and then delivered a map so I can take the next steps and connect to the right people. I got my first guest post within days, and connected to helpful people who are eager to accept my contributions. If feels so good to step out and succeed right away. Now she’s coaching me on my first product launch. What a relief to work with someone who knows what she’s doing.

    David Delp
    David Delp Pilotfire
  • Sarah’s amazingly diverse background gives her an incredible toolkit to pull from when dispensing business advice. It also makes her advice hilarious, her experience ring true, and her methods work.

    Margaret Pinard
    Margaret Pinard Taste life twice
  • I knew I needed help running my organization, but I didn’t realize just what a help Sarah would be. She not only took on all of the administrative work of the organization, she also did an exceptional job organizing our events and managing our online and social media presence. I clearly remember during our 2010 Gala for the first time I was actually able to be in the moment of the event and see what we had created since I knew Sarah was taking care of everything. The best part was, she figured everything out on her own. I never needed to ask if something had been done, I just knew she had a handle on everything. Sarah truly brought Jacob’s Cure to a new level with her drive, motivation and innovative ideas.

    Jordana Holovach
    Jordana Holovach Director, Jacob's Cure
  • I have attended 2 conferences in the last 2 years, both of which have been organized by Sarah. She is extremely competent, personable and knowledgeable. Every aspect of the conference was fine tuned and ran smoothly owing to Sarah’s fabulous organization. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to organize an event such as a work group or a conference

    Dolan Sondhi
    Dolan Sondhi Professor of Research Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Sarah is an exemplary Stage Manager, with considerable organizational and people skills. Her technical and artistic knowledge are well suited to her position — and the fact that she also has an impressive design background helps put it all together. I recommend Sarah quite highly!

    Doug Moser
    Doug Moser Director, Stamford Theatre Works
  • Sarah is the perfect balance of attention to detail and easy-goingness that should be the hallmark of any Stage Manager. She is able to keep everyone on the same page, in the loop and on schedule while never losing her cool and always maintaining a friendly demeanor. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope to do so again.

    Simon Feil
    Simon Feil Actor, Bee Luther Hatchee, Stamford Theatre Works
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